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Name: Galiel
Gender: Female
Height: 154cm
Weight: unknown
Build: Slender
Eyes: Teal/Turquoise blue
Hair: Blond

Called "Fragment of Metatron," an angel with free will.

She has a strength of heart that fears no risk for the sake of what she believes in.
Additionally, she can descend to Earth of her own choice without Michael's permission.

Because the Heavenly Seven are often given difficult missions that ask for results over rules, the power of she who can act according to her own will is of great use.

Her means of descending to earth is the revolver-style "angel's gun." That gun is called Furel, and although it is wondered whether the gun has any relation to the demon Furfur (see "Amon" for details), no one knows the truth.

By putting the gun to her temple and firing, she reincarnates on Earth via suicide. However, it appears an aftereffect is that she loses her memory for a time.

Also, her special move is "Russian Roulette." Because she possesses the utmost good luck, she has never known a loss at this game.

Original from here. Translation originally found at commofenoch.

From Sawakigraph Heavenly 7 (TBC):

She actually prefers jeans shorts but was gifted a skirt by Michael because he thought it would be better suited for her since it looks "cuter". Why she choose to keep wearing the skirt though, is not known to this point.

And some additional information about the use of the word "Fragment" in her bio.

There are two different words for "fragment". "Kakera" is the more common one, and it's closer to "chip" - that is, the whole it came from still mostly exists. The other, "hahen" is less common, and it's closer to "shard" or "debris" - that is, it's a piece of something that's totally destroyed or doesn't exist anymore.

The word "fragment" in Galiel's bio is "Hahen".

Special thanks to
[personal profile] warriorscribe  for the additional information.

With the release of Sawakigraph 2.5 it's confirmed that Enoch/Metatron has been shattered into 72 pieces. The Question about this now is: Where are the other 71 fragments and what was the cause?

EDIT 16th Mar.:

In progress! )


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